• What exactly is customs clearance? Have you ever heard that the goods are delayed in passing customs for several weeks because they need to be cleared?
    2021-12-16 09:20:47
  • Easy2go has long-term cooperation experience with Amazon. It has five ports of customs clearance in Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Ital
    2021-11-24 12:35:33
  • Great news! EASY2GO officially established our first customs-supervised bonded warehouse in Ireland, which is finally put into use starting from 21-06-2021!
    2021-06-17 16:40:12
  • EASY2GO helps the Irish government transport medical equipment and personal protective equipment to fight COVID-19.
    2020-04-22 18:00:12
  • Faced with the rapid growing number of confirmed cases and fatality cases of Covid-19, Health Service Executive, the Ministry of Health of Ireland, had entrusted EASY2GO LOGISTICS
    2020-04-07 00:00:00
  • 异国他乡,学成回国,《留学回国人员证明》不只是心血的象征,更是成功的标志。为什么要办理《留学回国人员证明》呢? 1、在大部分城市落户、办理档案等 2、多生子女在国内上户 3、向海关申报购买国产免税小汽车 4、在国内购置房屋(免限购) 5、子女在国内的中小学入学、升学等 6、联系并落实工作单位 7、申请国内各类科研启动经费、基金等 8、
    0000-00-00 00:00:00
  • A story on how Easy2go started building the shipping connections between China and Ireland, and how we have grown to more than just a logistics company.
    2019-06-19 10:00:00
  • EASY2GO wish all of our clients a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    2018-12-18 12:00:17
  • Easy2Go has entered into an agreement with one of Ireland’s longest standing companies and beloved brands, Avoca Handweavers. On Wednesday 20th December
    2017-12-28 09:00:00
  • During 10th -15th August, 2017, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou City, Xiaohui Ma, made a business visit to Ireland. Beingmate and other Chinese enterprises join EASY2GO and
    2017-08-15 11:00:24