How do customs clearance from China to Ireland in one hour during the epidemic?

2021-12-16 09:20:47

What exactly is customs clearance? Have you ever heard that the goods are delayed in passing customs for several weeks because they need to be cleared? I quote from a lady of our company's customs clearance department. Customs clearance is like an intelligence department in a war. Many people will not notice its importance after victory.

Many of the comments received from our customer are like "You are fast!" or "Your driver is fast", but few people say, "Your customs clearance is fast".

Take China-Ireland as an example. Your goods need to meet China's export standards.After successfully exporting to China, your goods have crossed the ocean and arrived to Ireland. At this time, you must communicate with the Irish Customs. What goods have been shipped, and the communication method requires accurate and standard materials. This is called customs clearance. So here comes the point. Your goods not only need to meet Chinese standards but also Irish. If one refuses, it will greatly affect transportation.

There is a bad example recently. A company imported a lot of PPE from China. Due to a lack of common knowledge in logistics, they do not work with a professional customs clearance company. After the goods arrived in Ireland, it was found that those PPE did not meet Irish import standards. Not only was it forced to be destroyed immediately, but after it was destroyed, it had to be paid to the Irish Customs for destruction. So when it comes to customs clearance, neither Chinese customers nor Western customers know much about these matters. Now back to the topic, why Easy2Go can solve the customs clearance problem in as short as an hour?


Control from the beginning——Easy2Go will ensure that the customer's goods meet the Irish and Chinese standards when it first connects with the customer.

Information is smooth and flexible——our domestic team maintains a seamless connection with the Irish headquarters and customers to ensure that information is delivered in the fastest and most accurate way. To put it bluntly, as long as we are not sleeping, you can use various contact methods, including WeChat, to know the status of your cargo transportation. If your cargo is operated by a different company and only communicate via email or telephone, a lot of time will be wasted, even Something that went wrong.

We do customs clearance in advance——Our customs clearance department will submit the customs clearance documents to the Irish customs in advance before the goods arrive in Ireland, saving a lot of time.

Bonded warehouse customs clearance——Easy2GO cooperates with the Irish Customs and has a large bonded warehouse. After your goods arrive in Ireland, they can be directly shipped to the Easy2Go Irish bonded warehouse. Otherwise, your goods will remain in the Irish customs warehouse until customs clearance, which increases the communication cost with the customs and increases the cost of renting the customs warehouse. Once there is an unexpected situation, the goods will be stored in the customs warehouse for a long time, and you will need to pay a large amount of money.


Forty years of customs clearance experience, familiar with changing policies——the professional customs clearance team has extensive experience, especially the impact of the epidemic and Brexit. Policies will change frequently, and we will propose solutions as quickly as possible. Take Brexit as an example, how much goods can be shipped to Ireland without customs clearance or how much goods can be taxed. Such policies are constantly changing.

The truck is ready to pick up the goods in advance——our truck team will seamlessly connect and transport the goods to our local warehouse as soon as your goods arrive at the Irish port.


Therefore, behind the one-hour customs clearance is the result of Easy2Go's multiple professional teams, seamless cooperation between domestic and foreign departments, and rich experience in understanding both parties' customers and market conditions.