Ireland Easy2Go FBA service

2021-11-24 12:35:33

Easy2go has long-term cooperation experience with Amazon. It has five ports of customs clearance in Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Italy. Easy2go has good long-term cooperation with many third-party delivery companies in Europe. Focus on third-party customs clearance and delivery services for Chinese e-commerce and logistics providers.

Cross-border e-commerce companies or individual sellers facing this opportunity can choose suitable transportation methods (sea, air, land, or train transportation) according to their own needs, and send the goods (full container or bulk) to Easy2Go China's designated domestic The warehouse or my Easy2Go will pick up the goods.

After the goods arrive in Ireland, Easy2Go has a professional customs clearance team for more than 40 years to arrange customs clearance. Then the goods are delivered to the Amazon logistics centre in Ireland by the Easy2Go professional transportation fleet safely and quickly. Customers can also directly transfer inventory from Easy2Go's overseas warehouses in Ireland to Amazon warehouses, quickly replenishing goods and saving logistics and Amazon warehousing costs.

Our service:

FBA head transportation service from China to Ireland

Full tracking, stable timeliness

FBA whole cabinet direct delivery, dedicated line service

Air, sea, land

System monitor real-time inventory

Accept FBA pickup

Avoid Amazon's expensive storage fees

Customs clearance team with more than 40 years of experience