While virus sees no borders, love finds its place.

2020-04-07 00:00:00


Faced with the rapid growing number of confirmed cases and fatality cases of Covid-19, Health Service Executive, the Ministry of Health of Ireland, had entrusted EASY2GO LOGISTICS to arrange shipment of large quantities of strategic medical supplies.



Apart from the honor and excitement, the overwhelming trust and obligation is what EASY2GO has perceived. We summoned an emergency meeting right after the mission release to discuss the adverse situation we were facing, including the significant reduction of international transport capacity and increasing difficulties in importing, in order to move the mission on. Parry Chen, the Director of EASY2GO, held a mobilization meeting to have all staff in both Ireland and China on duty and to ensure the delivery of goods at the fastest speed possible.



Fifty hours later, the first pile of those life-saving supplies has arrived the HSE warehouse. This is a fruit that grows from the efforts of the manufacturing enterprises in China, the staff of airlines, the officers of the Border Defense and Embassies of both countries. It has witnessed the friendly and co-operative relationship of Ireland and China. EASY2GO is more than honored to be a part of such a brilliant team.