2017-12-28 09:00:00

Easy2Go has entered into an agreement with one of Ireland’s longest standing companies and beloved brands, Avoca Handweavers. On Wednesday 20th December, Easy2Go met with Avoca and became the first Chinese company to cooperate with Avoca to develop their brand and bring their luxurious garments to China. The meeting was attended by Mr. Chen Huade, Chairman of Easy2Go, Ms. Jessie Lin, CEO, Sandy Lee, Sales Manager and Jeffrey Monaghan, Marketing Manager. The team received a warm welcome from Ivan Pratt, Managing Director of Avoca and DonnachO’Donohoe, Sales Manager.


Avoca is Ireland’s oldest, and only remaining handweavers with a rich history lasting 295 years to date. It is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world and one of the most sought after local stores in Ireland.


Avoca is best known for its throws, scarves and wraps that can be found in some of the top boutiques around the world, and is renowned for its bright, vibrant signature colours and master craftsmanship.


Avoca sources the highest quality material to produce a finished product of such luxury and attention to detail, that only a long established handweavers could.Avoca’s master craftsmen manage every step in the process from sourcing to selling, with a scarf taking a minimum of 12 weeks to hand craft.


Avoca has always been committed to not only providing practical but also stylish garments to suit the modern lifestyle, so much so that Queen Elizabeth II of England sent a letter thanking Avoca for the baby blankets woven for her children.


Located in the Garden of Ireland, County Wicklow, no trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to the Avoca Mill.


After our team’s fascinating VIP tour of the mill, Easy2Go’s CEO Jessie Lin and Avoca’s Managing Director Ivan Pratt sat down to finalise the agreement. Both parties look forward to a long-lasting relationship in bringing Avoca’s personal touch to China.