EASY2GO,the most idealistic logistics company

2015-06-16 09:45:28

Harvest a mood, obssess a feeling .


Established in 2005 in Dublin, EASY2GO is the earliest Irish logistics company run by Chinese that provides China-Ireland supply chain solutions. Started as a tiny studio with 3 staffs, EASY2GO has now developed into a worldwide logistics service provider that specializes in mainstream information technology covering international distribution, warehousing, transition and customs clearance, etc..


Why could EASY2GO go so far? We believe it must have something to do with our unchanged belief – logistics can be idealistic. Perry, the founder of EASY2GO once said, “Though this industry is always normalized, logistics can be characteristic. We should preserve our idealism towards logistics the way we stress our personality, because logistics is close to customers. What we have is customers’ trust and expectation, so what we could repay is our respect towards our customers and our work – respect them like how we respect ourselves”.


That idealism is deep-rooted in the heart of every EASY2GO staff and is shown in every department of our company.


If you have ever come to EASY2GO, you could have remembered the genuine smile on every staff’s face, saying that we are like families; you could have remembered the way we pack every parcel, the careful and caring attitude towards ‘treasure’; you could have remembered our patient answers and detailed instructions. And that is never all we have. Those tiny details you observe in our daily service is just part of the idealism shared in EASY2GO.


Like a fragile child, EASY2GO has grown from a baby in cradle to an energetic teenager. Apart from the efforts of our team, we have definitely benefited from the care and support of our customers. We develop with our idealism and in turns, we understand gratitude and appreciate reward.


From this day on, EASY2GO will seek deeper and more extensive communication with you through Wechat. Not only will this provide you with professional help and instructions, we would have your advices to improve and develop. Hope to see your feedback in Wechat.


EASY2GO staff