EASY2GO Dept. of International Parcels: explanation of China Customs' new policy over EMS

2010-09-01 01:15:52

Regulations over cross-border personal belongings (No.43, 2010) was in force since September 1st 2010 as the new tariff criteria for exit and entry parcels. However, due to the rapid increase of imported parcels in the past few years, the Regulation will be strictly executed since 2015.


EASY2GO would like to bring the following rules to your attention:


1.     Customs impose import tax over personal imported parcels. Import tax is exempted when the proposed tax is below ¥50 (including ¥50).

2.     Exempted value of personal parcels from Hong Kong, Marco and Taiwan is ¥800; parcels from other countries and areas have a exempted value of ¥1000. (strict rule)

3.     Owners of personal imported parcels that worth more than the exempted value shall go through the return procedure or Customs clearance procedure. For parcels which contain only one piece of undividable good, once the goods are confirmed by the Customs Officers as private use ones, the parcels can be dealt as personal belongings even if they worth beyond the exempted value.

4.     Commercial parcels shall go through Customs clearance procedures as goods.


On the basis of the Regulation, EASY2GO would like to suggest our customers that:


1)    you should avoid posting a same receiver in a short period of time or posting a high-valued parcel. Import tax exemption only applies in private use goods. Frequent international shopping parcels in a short period of time which are adequate to supply 2 plus people can be taxed when the Customs Officers reasonably doubt their re-sale purpose, even if each of the parcel worths less than the exempted value.

2)    you need to better arrange your parcels to evade rush hours. During festivals like Spring Festival and Christmas, floods of parcels in Customs will unavoidably result in delivery delay. Severer checking will further prolong the clearance procedure and you maybe required to submit or check documents in person.

3)    you should make an accurate declaration of your parcel. Buyers should strongly advise the sellers to declare the content of parcels as required, failure of such may lead to punitive tax.

4)    you can purchase an insurance product for your parcels. To minimize the risks, international buyers could buy insurance so that, in case of any accident, they can make a claim to the sellers. Please note that China Post is merely a receiver of imported parcels. Parcels with wrong or shorted content shall be reported to sellers and insurer abroad.

5)    you get yourself familiar with China Post EMS rules and procedures to avoid unnecessary losses.


Should you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us via customer service. Thank you for your support.