EASY2GO Customs Supervised Bonded Warehouse is officially put into use

2021-06-17 16:40:12

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, EASY2GO was one of the earliest Chinese logistics company established in Ireland to provide solutions for the supply chain in China and Ireland. Today, EASY2GO has developed into a logistics company with business all over the world with major countries and regions, covering from distribution to warehousing, from transshipment to customs clearance. Now we continue to expand our scope and has successfully promoted to become the first Chinese logistics company in Ireland to establish a customs-supervised bonded warehouse.

As the only Chinese enterprise in Ireland that can carry out International logistics bonded business, general trade and entrepot trade in Ireland, the customs-supervised bonded warehouse of EASY2GO is bound to become a new star project attracting the attention of local people.

Bonded warehouses are warehouses that have been established with the approval of the Irish Customs Department to store bonded goods and other goods that have yet to go through customs procedures. Our approval for the establishment of a bonded warehouse symbolizes the customs' recognition of our ability and trust in our safety facilities. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the new bonded warehouse, we have repeatedly invited staffs from Customs Department to conduct on-site guidance and inspections on the monitoring facilities, software requirements, and warehouse management of the bonded warehouse. We actively rectify and improve our procedures based on feedbacks given, creating customized bonded warehouse management systems, operating procedures and continuously carrying out employee training. Once the goods have arrived in our warehouse, the customs department will actively monitor the bonded goods and will assign personnel to conduct on-site investigations from time to time to ensure effective supervision.

In the future, we will further improve the operation process of our bonded warehouse, continuously improve our warehouse management level, maximize the advantages of our new bonded warehouse and spare no effort to control every detail to provide our customers with the best experience, bringing you a sence of peace of mind while you enjoy our service.