EASY2GO discussing with E-Commerce giants ebay, Alibaba, Baidu

2015-10-08 10:45:43

The worldwide participant enterprises of 2015 China International E-Commerce Expo has reached 1031, covering 2218 exhibition slots.


Prominent Chinese enterprises such as Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong and so on are noticed to be an active part of the Expo. International cross-border e-commerce giants including Toydirectory from US, Molotok from Russia, Lazada from Singapore, Mercantil from Chill also appeared.


As the CEO of EASY2GO China, Lifang Lin said in the interview that EASY2GO was here with their main business – European warehousing, distribution and transition. EASY2GO could be a market explorer and builder of European enterprises and also a exporter of Chinese products. And Yiwu International Expo would be the starting point of EASY2GO.