Air Freight

Air Freight involves the transportation of goods unaccompanied by an individual via an aeroplane. It is often utilised for time sensitive urgent shipments of goods or in the case of expensive products. Relatively more expensive than sea freight, the process is faster and often without added risks, though there are several restrictions to consider when opting to air freight, in terms of safety and legality.

At Easy 2 Go Logistics, when you opt to air freight your cargo with us, we arrange your shipments via the following ways;


        1. consolidated freight (where several shipments are included on the same flight),


        2. direct services (where a single shipment is shipped), and


        3. charter services (where a single freight aeroplane is used for a single air freight delivery).

When you opt to air freight with Easy 2 Go Logistics, the process involves contacting us for an air freight quote based on the weight and dimensions, whereby the air freight chargeable weight is calculated. On top of this, you may also need to account for the cost of duty and taxes based on the destination country and the cost of delivery.

Thereafter, the cargo will then be sent to the airport to be processed, cleared through origin customs, and loaded on the plane for transport.  On arrival at the destination airport, the cargo will then go through customs and cleared after the payment of duty and taxes.


Speak to us at Easy 2 Go Logistics to ensure that you follow all procedures for air freight shipments and let us help you get your cargo shipped via air freight with ease.