Graduation certificates

Easy2Go has the honour of being the designated deliverer of graduation certificates for a number of Embassies.


Please note:


1.  Easy2Go is legally registered in Ireland as a logistics company. We mainly provide delivery services between Ireland and China and at the same time, cooperate with local peers like DHL, TNT, FEXEX, UPS, etc.

2.  Easy2Go is willing to provide delivery service for the Certificate of Return International Students. Easy2Go guarantees the safety of your mail with discounted pricing and to pickup the mail from the Education Sectin of the Chinese Embassy each working day for free.


3.  Based on the promises above, the Education Section will introduce Easy2Go to international students. The Education Section has no economic relations with Easy2Go and will not take any responsibility.


4.  International students are free to choose An Post and other service providers for the return post of the Certificate of Return International Students. Students are strongly recommended to use trackable mails and make sure the postage and address is correct.


5.  The Education Section of Chinese Embassy reiterates that the Embassy charges nothing for the preparation of the Certificate. International students shall not pay to any agent for the application. The Education Section will not accept any application from any intermediary agent.


6.  Detailed rules and procedures for using Easy2Go for your Certificate:



(i)  According to the rules of Education Section (, they only accept applications with complete documents. International students shall prepare: 1. The online registration document; 2. The confirming email from schools; 3 The required papers. You only contact Easy2Go when you have those documents to your hands.

(ii)  Procedures:

(a.) Click the link: and complete the return post details, choose the delivery type and submit the order.

(b.) Call customer service to complete the payment. Irish bank cards and AliPay available (real-time conversion rate)

(c.) Print your post order with the tracking number and submit it with all your documents to the Section of Education (Section of Education, Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Ireland, 40 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland)

(d.) Check to see if the Certificate is inspected and printed, you could track you Certificate at in 3 days.

(e.) If you have any queries, please contact Easy3Go Logistics.

     Address: Unit 2B, Canal Bank, Hume Ave, Park West, D12 PY02, Ireland

     Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30 (Ireland time)

     Tel: 353 14089988/ 087 6395877

     Email: [email protected] (Please leave “the Certificate of Return International Students” as your subject)


7 Please contact Easy2Go directly for any queries related to delivery. The Education Section will not provide any information about payment and post tracking.